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Are you vexed with repairs of your washing machine? we are here to help you. Just dial or click to register about the type of service you require from us. we send you our best-skilled technicians to your home to solve the problem at any time. Our main aim is to satisfy you with our Devoted service at an affordable price. we replace damaged spare parts with branded New ones. we provide all kinds of service to any brand washing machine.

We offer service to:

Semi-automatic washing machine,
Fully automatic top-load washing machine,
Fully automatic front-load washing machine,

Types of services we provide are:-

1. General service:-
we provide general service to your washing machine for good maintenance.

2. Repairs:-
we do all repairs in the washing machine to bring it into good working condition.

3. Deep cleaning:-
The drum, the drain is filled with lint, dirt is deeply cleaned to avoid the repairs.

4. No power on:-
If your machine is troubling with power on problem. we provide our service to solve it.

Book on DIPTA service for:

Genuine spare parts replaced at fixed pricing.
we provide you 30days service guarantee.
we provide well-skilled technicians at your choice of the slot at a reasonable cost.
Our team works systematically:

Bookings are accepted from both online & offline from any customers. we send an efficient technician to your desired space and charges affordable price. Now you can relax & the appliances will get into working condition soon.

Common problems seen in washing machines:

1. The machine won’t fill with water:- 

Make sure the door is properly closed, check that inlet hoses are clear and that the water supply is connected and functioning. If all if these things are in order you’ll need to call Dipta. 

 2. The drum doesn’t turn:- 
There are a number of things that can cause this, including worn brushes, drive belt problems, or a faulty motor or control unit. You’ll need an engineer to figure out exactly what’s gone wrong. 

 3. The machine stops mid-cycle:- 
This generally means that the timer, thermostat, or heater had failed.  

 4. The washing machine is noisy:- 
A rattle while the drum is moving could be due to something stuck in the drum, coins and bra wires are common culprits. You may be able to remove the drum paddles to get to the offending item. It’s also worth checking the drain filter to make sure that’s clear. A noisy washing machine may also indicate failed or worn bearings.  

5. Water not draining from washing machine:- 
This usually means there’s a blockage in the drainage filter, or the pump itself has failed. The first thing you’ll want to do is empty the water so you can rescue your laundry. Pull out the drain hose, pop it into a bucket and let gravity do the work. Be ready to change the bucket if you need to .

6.  The washing machine won’t spin:- 
Balance sensors will override the cycle if the clothes are unevenly distributed and could cause the machine to vibrate. This can happen if you’ve overloaded the washer, or if you’re trying to spin just a few items. Try reloading light loads or removing a few items from heavy ones.  

7. The door won’t open:- 
This will usually be due to water not draining, or a faulty door lock. Drain manually as above. If that doesn’t fix the problem you may be able to remove the top of the machine and release the lock from the inside. 

8. Clothes smell bad:- 
If you always use low temperature washes and biological detergents you could have a buildup of bacteria or even mould in the machine. Try to run a hot empty wash.  You should also clean out the soap dispenser regularly, and leave the machine open to air for a few minutes after you’ve removed the washing. 

9. The washing machine is damaging clothes:- 
Tears in clothes indicate foreign bodies in the machine, or damage to the drum. A failed thermostat  can cause the water to overheat which will also damage delicate clothing. 

10. The machine reports a fault code:- 
Unlike laundry symbols, washing machine fault codes are not universal. Your owner’s manual may help you identify the problem and even suggest a fix. In other cases you’ll need Dipta to trace the fault. Don’t be tempted to ignore a fault code. 

Work Type 
Semi Automatic  Machine 
Rs. 250/- Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our technician will decide the final price after inspection) 
Top Load  Washing Machine 
Rs. 250/-  Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our technician will decide the final price after inspection) 
Front Load  Washing Machine 
Rs. 250/- Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our technician will decide the final price after inspection) 
Washing Machine  installation 
Rs. 350/-  Service Charges
Based on the work, Our  technician will decide the final price after inspection) 
* Visiting charges are only for technician arriving to your desired location to find out the problem and give quotation only, after finishing the work it is included in your total bill. 
* Cancellation of service after visit of the technician and keeping the work in pending after giving quotation, Minimum charge will be charged Rs.250/-