What we do

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Dipta service is consistently ready to serve you with a single Buzz/ click on our website www.diptaapp.com. We send you an efficient technician to solve your issue. We provide our honest service at a reasonable cost. We offer service to all brands printer. We accept both online and offline bookings.

Types of services we offer are:

(1) General Service:-
We provide general service to improve the level of working of your printer. We provide service to our best extent.
(2) Repairs:-
All the repairs are done by us. We do repairs to any brand printer and spare parts are replaced when damaged at a reasonable price.

Benefits of booking on Dipta service:

We provide service in both commercial & residential spaces of any brand computer.
Spare parts are replaced when got damaged and branded new ones is fixed at a reasonable cost.
We provide 30days warranty of replaced spare parts.
We offer service within your choice of slot time.

How our team works:

Bookings are accepted from both online and offline from any individual. We send you a well-trained technician to solve the problem within the slot time.

Common problems in the Printer:

1. The Web Page Won’t Print Properly :

Web pages are not a uniformed size, so can present a problem during the printing process. 

Always check Print Preview before printing in your web browser to ensure you aren’t 

printing page after page of information when you only need the first page. The Print Preview 

will show you exactly what your printer will produce. 

2. My Printer Lies about Empty Cartridges :

The empty cartridge signal from many printers is just a pre-emptive warning, letting you 

know it’s time to order a replacement. Do not replace the cartridge until the printing stops 

completely or the colours start to fade. 

3. Paper is Stuck in the Printer :

When paper is regularly getting stuck in the printer, the culprit is often a small shred of 

paper trapped within the mechanism. Remove all the sheets of paper out of the tray and 

open all the printer’s flaps. Use a torch and a pair of tweezers to locate the offending strip of 

paper and carefully remove it. The printing process should be able to continue now without 

further obstructions. 

4. My Printer Always Ejects One Blank Sheet :

Many printers incorporate a feature wherein a blank sheet is ejected between jobs to help 

different users identify the start and end of particular printing jobs. It can be irritating 

however when this occurs in the printer which is used only rarely.  

5. All My Prints Are Streaky :

When your printed output becomes streaky and smudged, it is often due to blocked printing 

nozzles. Consult your printer’s manual to determine how to clean and clear the block 

nozzles to help the ink flow efficiently again, leading to better quality prints with no streaks 

or smudges. 

6. Wi-Fi Printing is Too Slow :

Like downloading a film, streaming a video or even opening a page; the speed of Wi-Fi 

printing is dependent upon the strength of the router and the other tasks it is supporting. To 

improve the speed of Wi-Fi printing, ensure your router is working effectively. Additionally, 

disconnect other devices hogging the Wi-Fi and make sure your printer is positioned close 

to the router to improve the speed of printing. 

7. My Multifunction Printer No Longer Scans :

If your all-in-one unit is no longer performing a quarter of its tasks, the software may be 

corrupted. Reinstall the printer’s software package from the disc or the manufacturer’s 

website to ensure you have the latest copy of the software installed on your 

computer/mobile device. 

8. My Computer Keeps Sending Print Jobs to the Wrong Printer :

Rather than sending print jobs to the printer in another office, always make sure your 

computer/device and designated printers are always working in tandem by assigning the 

correct default printer. To set a desired printer as your default printer, complete the following 


●– Click Start and select Devices and Printers. 

●– Under Printers and Faxes, right-click the desired printer and select Set as Default 


9. There’s White Lines on My Print Jobs :

If there are unwanted white lines on a print job, it may be indicative of debris between the 

toner cartridge and drum. Remove the cartridge and drum and softly brush away any debris 

before refitting the consumables.