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Looking for an efficient plumber? Then Dipta service is the best choice for you. We provide well-trained & certified plumbers. We offer the best quality service within slot-time. We do all repairs like drain cleaning, leaking taps, taps fitting, flush tank fitting etc...we provide our service in both commercial, residential & industrial spaces. Damaged parts are also replaced at a reasonable cost to your great satisfaction.

Kinds of service we offer are:
1.General plumbing works:-
We provide ongoing maintenance for residential & commercial plumbing systems to prevent future plumbing emergencies.
We offer service to all kinds of repairs like broken taps, shower head, pipes are repaired efficiently.
We offer service to all leaking issues of taps, sinks, tanks etc.
We do new & old installations of plumbing systems to your desired location.

Merits of Dipta service:-

Replacement of damaged plumbing parts with branded new ones is done at affordable price.
We offer service in both commercials, residential & industrial spaces.
We serve you within slot-time of your choice.
About Our Strong team:-

Most common plumbing problems:-

1. Dripping Faucets​ :

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a dripping faucet in our home and have probably ignored it for a while! That dripping faucet not only wastes water, it wastes money on your water bill.  

2. Leaky Pipes​ :

While we see a lot of leaking pipes during the cold winter months, it’s also very common year-round! Most pipes will begin to leak near the joints, so keep an eye out for wet spots on the ground or ceiling. Water damage to your home can be quite costly, so leaky pipes are a necessity to fix right away. 

3. Running Toilets​

Did you know that a running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons per day? That’s a lot of water waste! Check out to understand why this internal water leak can be costly to your home. 

4. Low Water Pressure​

A lot of older homes will experience low water pressure, but you may be asking why? It could be time for a new showerhead or you could have a hidden leak in your home. However, those are just a few of the many reasons for low water pressure.  

5. Slow Or Clogged Drains​

Our expert technicians warn customers to stay away from any type of over-the-counter drain cleaner! Instead, give us a call to clear the slow or clogged drain.  

6. Sump Pump Failure​

A prolonged period of heavy rain can cause your sump pump to fail.  

7. Water Heater​

You wake up in the morning and step into the shower to feel cold water on your body — trust us, we know it’s the worst feeling! The average life of a water heater can be anywhere from eight to 12 years depending on yearly maintenance. 

No matter if your plumbing problem is common or not, our expert technicians can handleanything!

Plumbing Rate Chart
Work Type 
Plumbing Repairs / Fixes 
Rs. 200/- Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our plumber will decide the final price after inspection) 
Taps Fitting / Repair 
Rs. 200/- Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our plumber will decide the final price after inspection) 
Flush Tank Fitting 
Rs. 200/- Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our plumber will decide the final price after inspection) 
Leakage / Blockage 
Rs. 200/- Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our plumber will decide the final price after inspection) 
New Building Works 
Rs. 200/- Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our plumber will decide the final price after inspection) 
* Visiting charges are only for technician arriving to your desired location to find out the problem and give quotation only, after finishing the work it is included in your total bill. 
* Cancellation of service after visit of the technician and keeping the work in pending after giving quotation, Minimum charge will be charged Rs.199/-