What we do

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Dipta service is consistently ready to serve you with a single Buzz/ click on our website www.diptaapp.com. We send you an efficient technician to solve your issue. We provide our honest service at a reasonable cost. We offer service to all brands gas kitchen chimney. We accept both online and offline bookings.

Types of services we offer are:

(1) General Service:-
We provide general service to improve the level of working of an appliance. We provide service to our best extent.
(2) Repairs:-
All the repairs are done by us. We do repairs to any brand kitchen chimney and spare parts are replaced when damaged at a reasonable price.

Benefits of booking on Dipta service:

  • We provide service in both commercial & residential spaces of any brand kitchen chimney.
  • Spare parts are replaced when got damaged and branded new ones is fixed at a reasonable cost.
  • We provide 30days warranty.
  • We offer service within your choice of slot time.

How our team works:

Bookings are accepted from both online and offline from any individual. We send you a well-trained technician to solve the problem within the slot time. Just relax your appliances will get into working condition soon.

Common problems in the kitchen chimney:

1. Too much noise:-
Higher suction power means more noise. If you do not clean of your kitchen chimney for long time then that may create malfunctioning of chimney or excessive noise.
2. Suction not working:- If suction system is not working that means it is not performing its actual task. Such major issue may happen due to damaged motor. So inform service center guy immediately.
3. Fan is rotating slowly:-
Sometime suction is okay but not properly working as fan is rotating very slowly, so kitchen chimney is not being able to apply maximum suction power. This problem may be rectified by changing condenser (capacitor) or servicing of motor (greasing, replacing damaged ball bearing etc).

4. Electric chimney not running:-
Sometime you have switched on from power supply board but not a single feature (auto clean, suction, top light etc) is working. If such incident will happen to you then you must check power at switch board and visually inspect power cable to find any damage area. If everything is okay then call service center guy as it may be due to issue in internal circuit.


Kitchen Chimney Rate Chart
Work Type 
Chimney Not  working 
Rs. 250/- Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our  
technician will decide the final price after inspection) 
Chimney  General Servicing 
Rs. 400/- Service charges 
Chimney Deep  Cleaning 
Rs.800/- Chimney deep cleaning 
Chimney  Installation 
Rs. 500/- Service Charges 
(Based on the site, Our technician  
will decide the final price after inspection) 
Chimney  Uninstallation 
Rs. 300/- Remove Charge 
Chimney Uninstall  & install 
Rs. 750/- Remove and Installation Charge 
* Visiting charges are only for technician arriving to your desired location to find out the problem and give quotation only, after finishing the work it is included in your total bill. 
* Cancellation of service after visit of the technician and keeping the work in pending after giving quotation, Minimum charge will be charged Rs.250/-