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This winter we are ready to help you with our best service while your geyser is troubling you with repairs. we provide our well-skilled technicians to serve you regarding the issue. Make a ring/click to register on our Dipta service at affordable prices. We provide all kinds of service to any brand geyser. We offer service to

A) Instant geyser,
B) Storage geyser,

Types of services we provide are:
1. General service:-
Maintenance is required for the geyser to keep it in good working condition.
2. Repairs:-
We do all repairs and replace spare parts when get damaged with branded ones at a fixed price.
3. Installation:-
Both old and new geysers are installed to your desired residence.
4. Uninstallation:-
The geyser is detached from residence / commercial spaces when uninstallation is required.

Book on Dipta service for:

a) Genuine spare parts are replaced at fixed pricing.
b) We provide you 30 days service warranty.
c) We provide well-skilled technicians at your doorstep
d) We offer services in both commercial and residential spaces of any brand geyser.
e) Our team works systematically:-
Both online and offline bookings are accepted from any customer. we send you an efficient technician to your desired location at affordable price. Now you can relax and the appliances will get into working condition soon.

Common Problem of Geyser : 

1. A dripping geyser
One of the most common geyser problems includes a dripping geyser. It is a fact that geysers
often drip or leak water through the pressure control valve overflow pipe. A little bit of dripping
is normal but if it is more than just a few liters then this can be an indication of a faulty control
valve. Get this valve checked and get it replaced if there is no chance of repairs.

2. Overheating geyser
Sometimes the geyser may not close or go off even in the ‘off’ position and this can lead to not
just overheating of water but also exploding of the geyser. You can notice this if there is steam
coming out of the geyser along with hot water. This basically means that pressure valve and
temperature is releasing hot water since the temperature and pressure both are building up.
This can be an indication of a faulty thermostat.

3. Water not hot enough or no hot water at all
Another common geyser problem is when the water obtained from the geyser is not hot
enough or not hot at all. You must reset the circuit breaker once or twice. If it continues to trip
then you may need to call an electrician. If the problem is not with the power supply then the
heating element or the thermostat may be faulty.

4. Water leaking through the ceiling
If the water is leaking through the ceiling then this may indicate that either the geyser has burst
or a major leak may have developed. In some cases this could also be due to the drip tray and
overflow system may not be coping. In this case switch off the power supply as well as the cold
water supply to the geyser. Call a plumber for getting the problem resolved.

Geyser Rate Chart
Work Type 
Geyser Repair 
Rs. 250/- Visiting Charges 
(Based on the work, Our  technician will decide the final price after inspection) 
Geyser Installation 
Rs. 450/- Service Charges 
(By depending on the site & geyser capacity, Our technicians will decide the final price  
after inspection) 
Geyser Uninstall 
Rs. 300/- Service Charges 
Geyser Un-install & install 
Rs. 700/- Service Charges 
(By depending on the site & geyser capacity, Our technicians will decide the final price  
after inspection) 
* Visiting charges are only for technician arriving to your desired location to find out the problem and give quotation only, after finishing the work it is included in your total bill. 
* Cancellation of service after visit of the technician and keeping the work in pending after giving quotation, Minimum charge will be charged Rs.250/-